Japanese quality as a philosophy of life

Marine Health Group is the official distributor of Japanese food supplement manufacturers.

The production complexes are equipped with highly automated European equipment of the latest generations.

The company preserves the beneficial properties of natural ingredients and produces natural food additives of pharmaceutical quality.

Our products comply with international standards

The most sophisticated modern hardware methods are used for the selection of raw materials, plants undergo a multi-stage identification system.
Each natural component must be perfectly clean, free of heavy metals, radionuclides and microorganisms.
The more active substances there are in plants, the more effective the preparations made from them will be. We select ingredients only with a high content of useful components.

Quality assurance according to the highest international standards

The quality of our products is guaranteed by compliance with the most stringent international standards in terms of production process management and multi-stage control of raw materials and finished products.

Marine Health Group's natural products manufactured according to international quality standards are now available to everyone.

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