Mature skin line (Anti-age)

MH beauty

The MH beauty cosmetics line is created on the softest, natural and effective ingredients. The products are formulated with innovative effective ingredients from one of the best laboratories in France, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics.


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The Anti-age line includes:

1. Cleansing milk – cleansing milk. It cleans and moisturizes the skin of the face.

2. Anti-age face tonic with glutathione and sea holoturia extract - Anti-age face tonic with glutathione and sea holoturia extract. It intensively fights dark spots, prevents skin aging.

3. Moisturizing serum - Moisturizing face serum.

4. Anti-aging algae face cream - Face cream with anti-aging peptide Timecode. It smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin elastic and tightens it.

Our cosmetics do not contain: parabens, silicones, alcohol, SLS, SLES. It is not tested on animals, it has an EcoCERT certificate.

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