A high-quality dietary Supplement made from a unique Alga called spirulina. 

Spirulina is a blue-green micro algae with a structure in the form of spiral fibers. It contains a complete protein, which contains 18 amino acids (8 of them are not synthesized in the body and are called essential).




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The nutritional content of 1 gram of spirulina is equal to- 1 kg of various vegetables. According to who, regular use of Spirulina can prevent up to half of all known diseases. Spirulina is almost an ideal food for humans. The Supplement, in addition to vegetable protein, contains a large number of trace elements: potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium and zinc. The great value of Spirulina lies in the Fact that it contains b vitamins, and lipids make up about 10% of the product.

Who is shown Spirulina?

- People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hyperlipidemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease.

- People with reduced immunity. People with eating disorders.

- Order personal.

To improve and restore the following States:

  • Restoration of healthy blood formula in cases of hematopoietic disorders after chemical, radiation and infectious damage;
  • Intestinal cleansing, restoration of microflora in diseases of the pancreas, stomach;
  • Prevention of obesity;
  • Increased immunity, prevention of colds when the body is weakened, including due to insufficient nutrition;
  • Detoxification effect in the treatment of cancer, including for the recovery of the body after radio and chemotherapy;
  • In addition to the basic treatment of diabetes mellitus;
  • Prevention of atherosclerosis, as well as diseases of the brain, heart, heart attacks, strokes, angina, Hypo and hypertension;
  • Prevention and improvement of cataract, myopia, and retinal lesions;
  • Maintaining the body with strong physical activity, vegetarian diet.

How to take Spirulina?

5 tablets during or after meals 2 times a day for adults,

1 tablet for children over 1 year (bring to a powdery state) 1 time a day.

What is special about Spirulina ?

Important components of Spirulina are natural antioxidants, including:

Phycocyanin, a unique property of this substance is the inhibition of the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. Gamma-linolenic acid is a substance found only in breast milk. It is a prevention of the development of arthritis. Glutamic acid is a nutrient for brain cells. It helps to stabilize mental abilities and increases the activity of mental activity. Tyrosine — "elixir of youth" - a substance that affects the speed of aging processes. Prevents the appearance of gray hair, slows down the overall aging of the body.

Can I take it for children?

It is possible for children older than 1 year (bring to a powdery state) 1 time a day during meals.

How to store it correctly?

In a cool, dark place.


Individual intolerance of components. Acute period of chronic diseases. Kidney disease. Take with caution when taking anticoagulants (warfarin), food supplements enriched with vitamin K. In rare cases, constipation and diarrhea may occur.

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