Vita Marine А+

VitaMarine A+, a product from marine holothurium, in Japan and South-East Asian countries is considered a food delicacy with medicinal properties, primarily with a stimulating and firming effect. The name of the sea cucumber in a free translation sounds like "sea root" or "sea ginseng".

A special-feature of VitaMarine A+ is glycosides, previously considered to be exclusively plant-based metabolic products such as ginseng, Eleutherococcus, etc. Functions and composition of glycosides in sea cucumbers are so extensive that it causes the versatility of their impact.




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Comprehensive studies have confirmed the presence of a whole complex of biologically active substances in holothurian tissues, the entire set of vitamins and 40 macro and microelements, each of which is part of human cells and tissues, participates in metabolic processes and the formation of hormones and enzymes. It also его contains prostaglandins, stereoidcompounds, polyenefatty acids, phosphorus and Glycol lipids. In terms of the composition of non-organic substances, no organism can compare with holothurium.

Who needs VitaMarine A+?

- For all people who develop or already have problems with the cardiovascular system.

- For people who have metabolic disorders.

- For people who often suffer from colds.

Effects of the product on the following States:

  • Increases the body resistance and activates the immune system.
  • It stimulates regenerative processes of tissues throughout the body.
  • Normalizes blood pressure, improves heart function.
  • Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Normalizes metabolism, his used in the complex treatment of obesity.
  • Improves physical and mental performance.
  • Improves blood supply to the funds, visual acuity and color perception.
  • It is used for diabetes mellitus (under the control of blood glucose).
  • It is effective in respiratory diseases (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia).
  • It is used to prevent exacerbation of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. Regulates intestinal peristalsis.
  • It is used for inflammatory diseases and erosions of the female genitals.
  • It is used for the prevention of mastopathy.
  • It has antiviral and antifungal activity.
  • It is effective in the treatment of urogenital diseases.
  • Increases the potency.
  • It is used as an adjunct to the main treatment oncological diseases and to inhibit the growth of malignancies.

How to take VitaMarine A+?

Take 1 teaspoon a day in the morning.

What is special about VitaMarine A+?

Tissue sea cucumbers contain pin almost the whole set of vitamins: C, b, PP, And. Holothurian lipids are rich with vitamin F, which is three times more than in fish. It is well known as preventing the formation of cholesterol and its lack of taken lads to infertility and kidney diseases.

Can I take it for children?

It is not recommended to take VitaMarineA+ for children . In exceptional cases, consult your doctor.

How to store it correctly?

In a cool, protected place from light.


Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. It is recommended to consult your doctor before use.

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